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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do I Start? You have already taken the first step by coming to Thru The Roof's Website. We will lead you through the whole process, whether you have worked with websites for a long time or you have never had a website. The following steps will help you to know what to do next. What will you call your website?

Do I Need A Lot of Money? We believe you will agree the Thru The Roof Ministries is competitively priced with other web-hosting companies. If you know how to update your own site you can get started for an initial fee of $40 (including Domain Name registration) and then under $10 per month. Even if we are helping you with web design and maintenance, the monthly fee is under $25..

Do I Need to Know HTML? Websites use one of several languages/code to display on your computer (PHP, ASP, JAVA, etc.). The most popular is HTML. There are several programs that will help you to write HTML pages even if you do not know the language (Front Page, Dreamweaver, etc.). Even using these programs you still must know how to transfer the web pages from your computer to the server where your website is located (Also called FTP "File Transfer Protocal"). If you have some skill but still have questions, why not let us help you. May we suggest the "Super Plan" that provides your website and one hour of web design/maintenance from our staff.

I already have a Domain Name. If you already have your own Domain Name, we can transfer that name to our DNS server. Just contact us to make arrangements for that transfer: .

Will there be an Email Address? Depending on the plan you choose, there are plenty of email addresses available. Those email addresses are available in "POP" or "IMAP". you can access your email through programs like "Microsoft Outlook", "Outlook Express", “Windows Live” or other programs that download email. You can also see your emails through any browsers on the web (like “Google Chrome”, "Internet Explorer" or "Mozilla"). Email our staff for additional information at

What can I put on My Website? How Much Storage will I have? The only limit to what you put on your website is the size of the storage or memory. Our memory storage begins at 500 meg and can go to 3 gig of storage. If you are going to put pictures or videos on your site, then the higher storage plans are suggested. We suggest your website start at up to one gig of memory if you have several pictures.

How Many Pictures Can I Have? Can I use Videos on My Site? This also depends on the plan you choose and the size of each picture file you put up on your site. You should size your pictures no larger than you need to be able to be seen in focus on the website. Videos on the other hand require large chunks of memory. If you are using several videos, please use the highest storage plan you can afford. If you have specific requirements on using pictures or videos, please email our staff for additional information at

How About Music on My Site? There are strict regulations on the use of music subject to royalties on an internet website. We are not lawyers so we cannot guide you in this area. Please check with legal representatives if you are planning on using any music on your website. We cannot allow any copyright infringements and will suspend websites that we find in violation.

Can We Link to Other Organizations? Yes, in fact we encourage you to link to all ministry's partners. There is no limits! The only caution we give is that you know the websites you are wanting to use as a link. This is more for your reputation than ours. You will be known by the company you keep and by the links to your website.
What About Interactive Maps? One of the best information you can supply on your church's website is an interactive map (like, or You can use these links to enable website visitors to get from their house to your church. We can aid you in setting up this valuable and free service.

How Can I Pay For My Website? We are making every effort to make payment for your web-hosting as painless as possible. We do accept Money Orders, Credit Cards and prefer PayPal. You can use a credit card through PayPal even if you do not have an account with PayPal. We do accept checks from individual churches but you must have prior authorization to pay with a check. Your website will be placed on hold until the initial check clears our bank. Please contact us if you need help with payments. Email us at:

Can My Website Accept Donations? Are there Other Services Available? Yes, your website can be used to accept donations online. Because of the time constraints, we do not provide this service. Any services beyond the basic web-hosting, web maintenance (like custom logos, flash, sophisticated menus, video services, etc.) are only provided on a separate contract basis. Please contact us with your individual needs.

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